Fall crafts and fall vibes

It is hard to believe we are inching towards the end of 2020. Today is first day of fall, a brand new season when we get to enjoy natures spectacular display of colors before everything turns grey. Fall always brings along such warm cozy feelings. Everything about this season reminds us the beauty of change and letting go.

This was the first year I got to do some fall crafts with little one. We have also been cherishing all our outdoor times before it gets too cold to be outside.

Fall Leaf Suncatchers

A simple toddler friendly craft inspired by artsymomma.


Coffee filter paper


Spray bottle


  • Have the toddler scribble away on the coffee filter paper with different fall colored markers.
  • Transfer the coffee filter paper on to a baking sheet to avoid mess then spray with water.
  • Allow it to dry then trace and cut out leaf shapes from the coffee filter paper

Fall leaf silhouettes

Another simple pinterest inspired craft. Stick on leaf templates (we used dollar store ones) along with any wordings of choice. Have the toddler paint, we did cotton ball painting with fall colors. Let it dry then peel away the stickers and templates to create a silhouette effect.

It is a simple art project to do with toddlers. Our art session turned into a finger painting session because the little one thought it was a good idea. Hence all the random finger marks all over the paper.

Fall Lantern

This one was a complete mom craft therapy project inspired by pinterest again.


  • Yarn/Twine
  • Scissors
  • Liquid craft glue or mod podge
  • Balloon
  • Blow the balloon to a medium size.
  • Draw a small circle at the top. This will be our opening to put in the lights at the end.
  • Dip the yarn/twine in glue and start wrapping around the balloon. Avoiding the area we circled at the top.
  • You can also apply another coat of glue over it outside. Then let it dry overnight.
  • Once its dry, we can deflate the balloon or pop it.
  • Reshape the lantern into a circle by inserting hand in through the hole.
  • You can place any lights of choice inside it. We used some Christmas string lights we had at home.

It gives a warm yellow ambience. Totally perfect for fall vibes.

I have added all of our fall craft videos here on youtube.

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