DIY shoe box organizer

This shoebox DIY storage is an alternate solution to those plastic storage boxes to categorize and organize around the house. ⠀

They are pretty easy to make too. You could even get your kids involved in the making if they are old enough to roll these paper rolls and glue them. And could add it as a storage for their room or closet.⠀

Here’s what you need to make them:⠀
* A shoe box or any cardboard box⠀
* Old magazine pages⠀
* A pencil or pen⠀
* craft glue ⠀
* Scissors⠀

1) Line the inside of the cardboard box with colorful paper or magazine pages ⠀

2) Roll magazine pages on the long side with the pencil or pen. (I did mine on the short side first but doing it on long side will help to create two rolls for the box)⠀

3) Have part of the pen/pencil hanging outside while rolling for ease of removal from the roll. Glue the end of the rolls. Use different colored pages to get a colorful rainbow effect for the final product. Better to use pages that are filled with color and not much white space at the end of pages⠀

4) Cut the height to adjust to the height of the cardboard box. ⠀

5) Attach the rolls to the cardboard box using a strong glue. Make sure the smooth side faces out and the end side of the roll faces in. Let the glue set before moving on to the next side.⠀

It takes a little patience to make all the rolls but it’s so easy to put together. You could even color coordinate them or do a gradient of colors but I did not have the patience for that so we went for a mixed rainbow colored effect.⠀

Here is the direct link to this DIY video on Youtube.

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