Healthy snack ideas for toddlers

Who else has a toddler that begs for snacks as you are finishing up dishes from dinner!! Those tiny tummies and high metabolism is no joke. We all mean well for our kids and wants to give them the healthiest foods out there but then again on those days when you are out of options and snacks, you may only have some sugary cereal in the pantry to rescue you. I have found myself in those shoes many times and it just makes me feel like the worst mom out there.

Healthy food is one of my priorities especially when it comes to kids because working in the healthcare field has taught me how much influence the stuff we put into our body has on our life and health. Many of the diseases that our new generations face today are lifestyle diseases that most likely will only worsen down the years. Food is one of the many factors we have the utmost control over and I want to try my best to teach my kids to be wise in their food choices. Food habits are one of the most difficult to change once established so start them young and give them a variety of healthy snack options to choose from everyday!!

  1. Cheese

Excellent source of Calcium for those growing bones and teeth. The bones and teeth you build during your childhood is all you got throughout life, make them strong. Also a great source of protein! You can choose the kind of cheese your little one loves such as babybel cheese, mild cheddar or cottage cheese. Try to avoid those raw forms or non pasteurized such as Brie.

2. Yogurt

Another great filling snack packed with nutrients such as calcium, potassium and Vitamin D and its said to be a richer source of nutrients than most types of milk. There are so many forms of yogurt you can buy for toddlers. My favorite is greek yogurt with probiotics or live cultures. Most kids love yogurt in some form, so if you have a picky toddler on hand, its a great way to get in good nutrients.

3. Dried fruits and nuts

Raisins, cashews and almonds are our favorites. You can also give dates that have been pitted out and cut into small pieces.

4. Boiled vegetables

Bite size pieces of boiled veggies such as carrots, broccoli, snap peas or zucchini. When given as snack toddlers are more likely to eat their veggies than when served with a meal

5. Bite size fruits

Try to rotate the choice of fruits from week to week. Cut fruit such as strawberry, blueberry, grapes and bananas and keep them handy so you are not feverishly looking for a knife and trying to cut them out while in the middle of a hunger meltdown. (again happens to me all the time)

6. Sandwich bites

Small finger food size sandwich bites are more appealing to a toddler. Some of our favorite stuffings include hummus, cheese, curried potato, avocados

This list I assure will be updated as we discover more snack favorites. Happy snacking 🙂

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