Papa please get the moon for me by Eric Carle

A sweet book about the extents a father goes to grant his little daughters wish. Little Monica wished she could get the moon in her hands to play with.  But no matter how much she stretched she couldn’t reach the moon. So she asked her father “papa, would you get the moon for me”. In a blink papa set out on a mission to get the moon.  He got a long long ladder.  Put it on top of the mountain and climbed up to the moon. When he got to the moon he realized it’s too big.  But the moon … Continue reading Papa please get the moon for me by Eric Carle

Visual shopping list

A fun addition to pretend play shopping for toddlers.   Here are 2 variations you can do with this activity. Shop the items from list A fun little activity to collect items on list to go along with our pretend shoppings. Scatter the items in different areas of house for them to find if you want to make this activity last longer 😁 Count and shop A learning twist to help recognize numbers and count I used Velcro stickers for one of each item, so that we can change up the shopping list for future plays You can also use toy fruits … Continue reading Visual shopping list

A social prescription: Power of human connections

Mental health is very much interlinked to positive parenting. Our mental state affects our children in so many direct and indirect ways. Motherhood and parenthood in general is a time when most people find themselves in a period of isolation from social connections while tending to their growing family. Today I am sharing something that has been on my mind for long but never found the right words to express. Currently many people are going through high tides of emotions during this time of social distancing, mental health is something to think about and act upon for our own wellness … Continue reading A social prescription: Power of human connections